We are capable of more than we think

This is not to mean we should push ourselves like crazy all the time but it means we have an ability to achieve just about anything we want in the realm of health and fitness. Things like marathons, lifting heavy and excelling at a sport are all achievable NO MATTER your current condition. Our bodies are amazing and with hard work can morph to achieve just about any task, all we need is the knowledge and drive…


If I am truly honest with myself once I get to the gym I like being there, and I love everything from Cardio (running on the treadmill) to lifting weights..and seeing a shift in my body.I actually love getting sweat, and feeling tired in every way. It not only helps my mood, but it also helps me sleep better, my skin clears up, and overall I feel much better about myself..So why can I not do it for more then a few months? That is the thing I have to figure out.


I for one have made the decision to head to the gym at least three times a week,and when I am there do cardio /weights. My cardio training usually consists of thirty to fourth minutes on the ellipse machine, and then some running on the treadmill for the same time – and then to top it all of weight training.