Hi everyone!

In an effort to write more about Rock climbing,and generally more on the outdoors I found this gorgeous little Podcast! I have been trying to get in contact with the makers without getting any feedback! So I thought after thinking about it for some time I thought it was worth sharing! It is about saying YES to life,love and new opportunities in life! Start saying yes to life in every aspect of the word! So listen to the Podcast,and start loving this just like me😊

Have a great day!


Hi all

Hope you are doing well? It has been a while since my last post seeing as my computer died,and it threfor had to be fixed. As I am writing this post a few things is going through my head.

1.It is strange how one door 🚪 can close behind you, and then another one can open just as fast!

2. I really believe that things happen for a reason,and I will therefore take anything that comes over the next few months as opportunities!

3. When life takes a new turn some new projects may appear!

New opportunities is what this post is all about,and that is why I am proudly announcing that I will in May have my very first photo exhibition . I will as a start show five photos on a wall off a coffee shop in Gjøvik called Kafka,and from there I will show more photos in the year to come!

It will probably be a themed based exbebition,and I am thinking 💭 of maybe doing all black and photos from nature! Or just maybe this time why not try to take more shoots of people ? ??

I tend to shy away from the last thing …I really do not know why..maybe because I seem to think that photographing people is a lot harder!

Place: Kafka in Gjøvik

when : May


Photos : taken by me