Review @Salomon jacket

Review @Salomon:

I have loved this red Salomon jacket for quite some time, and the following review probably does not come very shocking to anyone!

I first got this @Salomon jacket almost three years ago, and right now I can not for the life of me remember if it was a Christmas present or a birthday gift from Lars.

Either way it has been with me in the winter when I have gone skiing as well as in summer when it is a bit windy. The jacket is light weight, and easy to pack up and bring with you in a backpack/bag. The red colour makes it stand out a bit from the crowd, and you are therefor easy to spot on the slope or in the mountains. It also has some cool blue details on the sippers that makes it even banging in my opinion.

Furthermore the jacket works as wind breaker, and I would therefor highly recommend you have something a bit warmer underneath for some added comfort, and warmth.I tend to find that it can be a bit cold all on its own seeing as the material is not to thick. However I find it to be sturdy, easy to use, easily stops the wind from getting through , you are easy to notice, and you can throw it in the washer if it gets to dirty.

If you are in the marked for a new windbreaker/jacket..I would highly recommend this one from Salomon.

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