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    Running 🏃Tips

    Running 🏃Tips

    #Running 🏃

    There are many reasons you should love ❤️ running, and only until recently (the last couple of years) I was never a big fan. I thought it was both uninspirering, exasperating and I couldn’t d for the life of me figure out why people bothered.

    Thoughts on running:

    But then last year (I think it was) I slowly but surely went jogging / running a couple of times a week. After a short period of time it hit me..once you get over the initial ” I want to die ” stage running can become such a way of experiencing freedom, and getting into shape has never been easier.I usually use a running App for help, or turn on 4G for some Spotify running music. However running without music can also be amazing since it takes you away from all the hazels of the day,and it is just you and your breathing plus the sound of nature! But the point is to get out there, and do it so whatever helps you get on the road is right for you. But for me running has slowly but surely become a way of experiencing freedom.

    Update from the last couple of weeks:

    The last couple of weeks I went running both inside on a treadmill, and outside for some fresh air. I like both, and slowly the results keep popping up. Like a tighter butt, smaller thighs, a stronger body,and overall you feel leaner and teighter each day. Less flabby parts if you know what I mean? Plus my mid section is getting smaller by the minute, and that is always a good thing. I am not saying that you need to run for the sole purpose of loosing weight..I am simply saying it can be good way to feel a bit better about yourself over time.

    It is many tips for a better running technique out there, and I am no master at it..if you passsed me on the road you would probably get a good laugh since I run hard, and hit the pavement like each leg weighs a hundred pounds..but like I said a few sentences ago..do not make a fuss about  how you run..the important thing is that you actually do it. Once you get into the flow you can run for miles…

    Each week I run for thirty/ 45 minutes, and I run hard..the more I sweat the better..and my sweat keeps falling even after my workout stops 😊

    My biggest tip will always be..

    find your pace, and stick to it…plus run intervals for some change ..and add some incline for variation..

    Tips for getting started:

    • make a playlist of your favorite music.
    • make a plan of where you want to run, and for how long.
    • put on some good running shoes.
    • puton some fresh clothes…looking cute always helps me.
    • start slow.
    • Find a pace, and stick to that trough your run.

    Get out there and run people 😊

    These are my tips ..and now if you have any?


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