The video below is one of the first videos I ever watched back in the day when I first started rock climbing with Lars .It was a way of seeing what was possible, and what women can do if they put their mind to it. As a girl we all need good role models to show us the way in one way or another.

The video in itself made me think that women can also climb hard routes like the men do. Fun fact is that one of the reasons Lynn got so good in the first place is that she did nothing but climb with the guys when she first started…and through that pushed herself harder then most other women at the time..She won many competitions, and became unstoppable through it…Pushing herself made her incredible good!

By watching this video i thought, and still think that I can climb harder routes every summer. Maybe at one point I can be as good as she was/is 😊 The thing about anything you do for the first time is that you have to practice…

Lynn Hill seems like a nice women on top of it!

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