Book Wednesday is once again upon us for the week, and if you are new to my site let me fill you in. I share some of the same topics every week in order to hopefully make it easier for my readers to understand my plan, and blog better.I have several recurring topics like “Snack Tuesday”, “Positive Friday” and now “Book Wednesday” to name but a few. I also write on topics like skiing, and rock climbing whatever the season might be.

The idea behind these posts is that I could give tips on some different books within the field of rock climbing, and skiing.

A Vertical Mind was a book I came across per chance when strolling the net for inspiration tonight, and after having read some reviews it seems to be a very interesting read. As far as I can understand it deals with the phycology within climbing, and how you always have to put your mind set into the mix in order to win or get better.

It poses questions like;

Why can some climbers keep it together, and others run out climbing? Why do other people quickly grab the draw on a challenging sport route? Why do some hesitate and bail on big, intimidating climbs? Why are there those that climb obsessively for years to suddenly give it up and walk away? All interesting questing to ask yourself!

Don McGrath and Jeff Ellison add to the conversation with Vertical Mind; Psychological Approaches for Optimal Rock Climbing, published by Sharp End.

One of the first things that jumped out at me was Vertical Mind’s methodical approach to coaching the reader through mental training. From beginning to end, the book contains exercises and questions that ask the reader to think about themselves as climbers, reflect on their experiences, and consider the steps to put into place.

Vertical Mind thoroughly addresses a host of issues related to the mental aspect of climbing, such as fear, failure, motivation and performance. While relying on science, the book doesn’t get bogged down in “science talk” and instead offers clear, simple drills and tactics to help address and improve performance. For the nerdy types, an extensive reference list is provided at the end for extra credit reading.

If you are in the marked for a book that can help you be a better climber in the upcoming season Vertical Mind might be just what you need.

Disclaimer: This article is largely based on an article i first saw here seeing as I have not had the time to read it just jet.

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