Review – MY TOP CAPS

Review – MY TOP CAPS


Caps have always for me been a way of disappearing.

Ever since I was a teen i have loved caps; back then but also as i have gotten older do i love them. They help my hair stay in order when i am having a bad hair day, but they also protect my skin from the sun. They give a nice shade in summer, and in winter they keep my head warm. Some girls never wear caps because they think it makes them look masculine, or their hair gets messed up. I for one think caps brings a little mystery to any person. A certain you have to look twice before you can really see someone..They simply add more attitude.

I have several caps and they are everything from a bit edgy to dress up once. Underneath you can see some of my favourites.

I recently shared this one from on my Instagram, and because of both the fit/colour it is fast becoming something I grab for everyday.

This one from is great for those really hot days. It protects from the sun as well as giving shade. I also love the blue colour.

Some months ago i bought this from H&M, and although I hate their company politics it looks cool with a long wold coat I have.

The last one comes from Black Diamond!

The cap protects from the sun like every other, but the thing I find the coolest is the gold logo on the black background. It can be worn both with jeans for school but also for hiking.

Caps i will never get enough of.

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