Mølster Slipper from Kari Traa


Review Monday is once again here, and I am back with a product that really irritates the living crap out of me. I am not one for bashing a product or being overly negative. However this weekend I really wanted to just flush them down the toilet..sorry Kari Traa.

The thing is that normally I am such a huge fan of this label, and I have on more then one occasion written about how much I love their “long underwear” for having underneath ski clothes in the winter. How good it is to put on something from the Rose collection or any other collection after a hot is truly the best feeling in the world..


The Mølster slipper however..I am sad to say was a HUGE disappointment..

When I first bought these a little over a year ago I thought they looked warm, and extremely comfortable, and with the prize point I was hoping the quality would stand the test of time. After a week or so I began to feel like the sole did not work properly, and they began to loose their shape. For each step I took the sole did a trip of its own, and went on a hike that I was not invited to… It was as if the sole was not really put in its place in the way it was supposed to, and the quality of what was put in was super poorly done. The problem has only grown, and became larger over time until I became so angry that I almost flushed them down the toilet this previous weekend, which had been a bad plan for the toilet😊 Throwing them in the garbage is possibly a better idea.

I was so sad about the whole thing…

My advice to Kari Traa if they are to remain on the marked is this; do something about the sole of these slippers, make the sole more durable and steady .. I do not know how this is best done.

Kari Traa will have to figure that out :)

But if you’re not going to get more complaints about a product that could be amazing, something has to be done.

Another review coming up next Monday!

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  1. October 13, 2017 / 9:25 am

    Du, de så deilige og varme ut! Tror jeg må ønske meg et par til jul :)

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