REVIEW: BFC 100 Heat Col FROM K2

REVIEW: BFC 100 Heat Col FROM K2


I was visiting Gamletorvet (I know that they are mentioned often on this site –  Still not sponsored )the other day, and seeing as I am a sucker for anything smelling of a new gadget the BFC 100 Heat Col ski boots from K2 where right uo my alley. And I just had to write about them..the only thing is that I have not had the pleasure of trying them yet. So this “review” will be based on what I have read/and seen so far.


All this info belongs to K2

You can get the boots at Gamletorvet, and they are prized to 4690 kroner. If I had the money for them at the moment they would be mine. Although the ski season in Norway have not started properly yet.

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