Monday once again, and another review coming your way. This time a beanie from a company called ARCTERYX. The first beanie we first bought at Gamletorvet Sport in Gjøvik a few years back. Since both me and my husband tend to misplace them from time to time we have decided that we can never have enough. I really want them in all colors available..and will therefore invest in more over time …


Low profile, lightweight, moisture wicking beanie constructed using Phasic™ base layer textiles; Ideal for all weather running and aerobic activities. Phase Series: Moisture wicking base layer | AR: All-Round.


The thing about these beanies that makes them as amazing as I really think they are; has to be how thin the material seem to be but yet they are so incredible warm. They all fit like a glove on your head, and you never feel like it is in the is just there comfortably on your head. Because of the classic design you can wear it with anything and at any time of the day. I usually wear mine when we go skiing, and use it underneath the ski helmet for some added comfort. But you can use it with everyday clothes, but also with something that is a bit more formal.They come in all kind of gorgeous colors both for men, and women like red, black, dark grey (like mine) to name but a few. If you are going to invest in one beanie that will last a while plus get a lot of use from I highly recommend these.

Another review coming up next week.

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