Playlist for Spring or Summer.


This is a playlist for Spring or Summer, and you can listen to it wherever you are.

I have for some time wanted to come back to blogging, and have for some reason found it incredible hard. The fun has disappeared for me, and I am having a hard time creating good written content. I think it all started when my camera broke down plus I started overthinking everything I did on every post. Nothing was fun, and everything became a hassle…

playlist for spring or summer
playlist for spring or summer

I have ever since my last post some 400…days ago wanted to find my passion again. It is slowly but surely peeking through.

That is why my first post in a long time is a playlist I made back in 2016 to kick start this wonderful spring that has made its arrival.

These are all some easy listening tunes for lazy Sundays on the beach or being in bed with a coffee..It is all upon to yourself where you choose to spend your time ..


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