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It has been a long time since I took my camera out for shooting , and I must say that I have missed taking photos.

A few years ago all my photos used to be fun and an everyday thing, and because I found shooting fun my Sony was brought everywhere I went. But for some reason I slowly but surely lost interest , and started slacking over time. My slacking led to quitting, and I still do not understand why?  As a result I am having a hard time getting the right inspiration to pick my hobby back up again.


These images was taken yesterday as I was walking to an appointment just outside of Gjøvik. The like the  light, stillness of the water, light snow on the ground, the sun. Most of all I love the cold, and what it brings to an image. It made me think of hot coffee being wrapped up in a blanket and reading a book at home.


November will always be one of my favourite months of the year with Christmas coming up, and December is the cosiest month of the year. With Christmas gift shopping, and advents calendar to name two of my favourite things.


Can you see all the birds in sky?

This time of year is perfect for getting that cold “filter” to all your images, and you get that feeling almost from just looking at the photos.

Or at least I always do!

I promise that from now on I will try to take a lot more photos, and my camera will be coming along for every trip/hike we take so that they can be shown either here or on my Instagram.

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