Some days ago I finally remembered to take my camera along something I usually forget. That way I could finally try to capture some new images for you. As I was walking to the store I took this photo as a reminder of just how amazing the light can be in fall. 

The contrast between the light, fog and the trees in the background makes it one of my favourite photos in a long time. It conveys a mood and a feeling that can best described as gloomy, blue, and thoughtful. This feeling can also be evoked through a band like The Doors, and the song – Riders on the Storm. One of my favourite bands of all time if you did not already know :)

At the start of this song you can hear the rain falling, and as a result you fast become more thoughtful. The song will forever be one of my favourite Doors songs to have on repeat to capture something extra.



More photos of the day coming up in the near future.

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