Lately I have been thinking about adding more photos to my site that are not necessarily color photography, but also images I take when I am just out and about with my camera..Images that does not really have that much to do with rock climbing/skiing/lifestyle or whatever else the topic might be but more everyday life..quick shots that might be a total bust or quite the opposite ..shots that might turn out to be a real gem…

Images that might catch your eye in a different way, and get you to feel something a bit different then what you normally get from my site. I have always been fascinated with the tone, and mood you get from a black and white gives me a deeper feeling then I will ever have when shooting in colors ..

I can look at these two photographs, and easily start to dream of times gone by, and start to think..

Who walked down this road hundred years ago?

Who else used to live in these houses before us?, and so one..

That is why for the new year I will be starting a photo series (black and white) where I share more tips/tricks, and just how I take my own photos…

Stay reading :)

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