Photo series: Some weekends ago – updated

Photo series: Some weekends ago – updated



This is my photo series, where I share my latest photos from when we are in the Norwegian mountains searching for big or small opportunities to do some skiing/backcountry.

Last weekend:

We went exploring a bit, and seeing as we almost always bring a camera along (if I have managed to charge it properly). Many photos where taken from both the “hike” up, and the little skiing we did once there. The weather that day was both sunny and cold at the same time therefor taking out a camera, and snapping was at times a “hassle”. However underneath you can see two of my favourite shots from that day.

I just love how the light in both photos (all natural light is the best)shows up, and makes every other colour “pop” in its natural way. The bushes adds a natural frame to each photo witch makes it even more natural in my opinion. Nothing about these two images are photoshopped or staged like so many other are. They are simple full of light, and shows a very nice day in Norway. For some reason I tend to not like people in photos..I think at best of times they tend to add noise you do not need..However lately I have started to change my thinking a bit..I am working on bringing some real “personality” to my site (hence the name change).

I hope you can find some inspiration in my photo series, and that it makes you want to visit Norway.

Happy days.

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