You may have noticed over the last few days that some things have changed on the blog, and i now have a partner page on top as well as a contributors page showing some information about the people who have written posts on my site over the years. They have been so many, and before i forget they to should get something more in return. . The truth it is i am starting to get several e-mails a month with questions from people wanting to write something which s both flattering, and kind! Some of the requests turn out to be really good, and then some are only awful. I tend t stay away from the last 🙂

However a few days ago i noticed on another blog  something called the (Sunn Fornuft) the sanity project, and because of the projects positive message to both boys and girls i really wanted to join, and make an effort to contribute in a positive way.

This is what the project is about:

Healthy Sense of Ethics is a collaboration between United Influencers, Bonnier Media, Aller Media and psychiatrist Finn Skårderud at Villa Hunger. Our purpose is to raise awareness of digital influencers on their role, and influence on young girls when it comes to body image and ideals.

The reason for this is that bloggers have a strong female audience that largely are aged 18-34 years, and it is precisely this audience (15-34 years) that constitute the most affected group of eating disorders in Norway. Together we have a responsibility not to contribute to increased body pressure.

Psychiatrist Finn Skårderud has asked several of his patients of what affects the most negatively on social media shared by opinion leaders they look up to:

– Portion sizes

– Weight, BMI and dress size

– Firm opinions on healthy habits

– Retouching of pictures

– Lack of specification of who the “audience” is in certain training /nutrition related posts.

“The Sanity poster” acts as a guide for publishers and bloggers to be a positive influence in terms of body and health to their readers. So this is not intended as a law but as general guidelines that help publishers be aware when they talk about food, exercise, body and health.

I have never had  a problem with a eating disorder , but as a girl i can relate to the topic of being insecure in how i look as far  as body/face goes. Because lets face it we all have some insecurities, and it can be one thing for you but something completely different for me. My biggest hang up is that i always have wanted to be more fit, but have never been good at hitting the gym in a regular way. That is why i am slowly but surely thinking that i am good just the way i am. Just as you are oki just the way YOU are. My blog have never been a place you go to in order to get tips on how to loose the most amount of weight in the shortest period of time/how to diet, and loose weight the fastest/ many pictures of myself/how to starve yourself/how to be insecure if you were not already and so one..It will never be a page about that.

I have always tried to show a positive lifestyle with a positive spin on the topics already mentioned.The fact is when i started blogging  almost 5 years ago i was not a young girl, and i think that helped the level of maturity on the page a bit. Plus i had no real desire to get NOTICED on the street.

Back to the topic at hand:

As i was e- mailing back and forth with the project i was thinking of ways that i could make a difference on my blog, through the things that I like to do. I came to the conclusion that rock climbing can be a topic i can write about that can help empower women/girls to be positive!

Now i realize that their are many different kinds of female rock climbers out there, and some of them focus more on how they look in a short tops/bikini which i find to be ridiculous. Some just focus on the love of climbing, and they actually wear clothes as they do it. Now ever since i did my first climb on a wall i have watched so many different girls on YouTube climb all sorts of different routs from hard once to more “Sunday walks”. One of my favorites will always be Lynn Hill climbing El Capitan in the 90s, and doing it without having to wear little to no clothes..that is never what rock climbing was supposed to be about (at least in my opinion).

The best thing about climbing at least for me is just how fast you can improve on the wall, and you can climb whatever you want..even indoors. It is about mastering something new, and never giving up!

I mostly climb outdoors, but both things can be done, and it is whatever you are comfortable with. But as you improve you become stronger/more flexible and overall fitter, (like Mayan Smith – Gobat when she climbs) and a lot more confident in yourself.

The philosophy behind climbing (in my opinion) is also something i find interesting, and therefor will do an entirely separate post on. We all think so differently..i have my way of thinking on the wall, and you may have another!

Now back to how i think climbing can help you.

If you get hooked you will practice, climb, go for hikes to find that perfect cliff, and overall do everything to climb harder,harder routes. If you want to get better at climbing you can not focus on eating one salad leaf a day..drink water instead of food, diet until you can not stand, and basically tear your body down instead of building it up. If that is your main focus? well then climbing is probably not for you…

I am all for being comfortable in your own skin after all women come in all shapes and seizes..there are no right/wrong of what it is to be a woman.

Instead of judging yourself to hard you should instead embrace everything that is uniquely you!

Be proud of who you are, and what makes you special..that is my message to all girls out there!

More on this project, and the empowerment you can feel through rock climbing coming up!

Have a great day!