PART 7 – NORWEGIAN BEER-Ansnes Brewery.

PART 7 – NORWEGIAN BEER-Ansnes Brewery.


So it is that time again, and we have come to part seven of the Norwegian Beer Guide to Norway. There are still many more posts in the near future, and for December I will be incorporating tips on different Christmas beer you might like to try come the holidays…


First a quick back story; at the outermost edge of the ocean gorge lies Ansnes brewery. A small brewery with a focus on aroma, quality, and last but not least of good taste. From the kitchen Chef Ola Skjåk Bræk started the journey towards what we today know as Olas Beer.

They have beers like Langfjæra, Smutthullet, 7241 Ansnesset, Sørklakken, Svessflua, Fjøsgroinn, Manor House, Ulvgroinn.

I have not tested any of these myself yet but as I read more, and more about all the different brewery´s in Norway I never knew was out there. Trying new things are fast becoming an interest for more than me, and beers I never dared to test because they tasted differently, where to dark..or any other reason I might think fast becoming interesting, original, and in many cases very good…

The trick is to open our minds to new tastes, and that way maybe find even more to like along the way.

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