Once again I am back with another post, and this time it will be the first skii/snow post of the season!

As you may or may not already know my nick name is ski bunny, and it is for one reason only. Ever since me, and Lars got together three and a half years ago I have loved going downhill skiing again. Either in Hafjell or Kvitfjell to name only two places out of many around where we live. Around Gjøvik there are so many fantastic places that it is almost hard to choose one favorite.And for that reason we tend to go wherever the snow is best at that particular time. Me and Lars have a ritual or a thing whatever you prefer to call it, and that is each year for as long as we have lived together (two years) we go skiing in Hafjell the first weekend they are open. The snow/slopes are never a hundred percent in every part. However it does not matter..we go for skiing and the awesome feeling we get every time we are out doing it together, with a backpack full of food some coffee on a termos of some sort, and maybe even some chocolate/crisps.

I was lucky enough to buy some new skies last year, and have been dying to try them off the slopes..My Blizzard Black Pearl skies that i bought last year is awesome to ride off the slope, and try new things with. I am so used to riding only on the slopes that going a bit off was something I had to get used to, and for that BBP is a no problem kind of ski! It will easy, and safely help you get used to a new way of riding. I tend to find that the more i TRUST the ski to do its job, and the faster i go the more it feels good beneath my feet. A few times last year I took a bit of tumble, but nothing serious ..just remember to always wear a helmet. I have learned that the hard way 🙂

On a bit of a side note: If you are in to reaching summits these skies teamed with some all mountain boots from Salomon, and you will have the time of your life.

More ski posts will come up in the near future!

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