Me and Lars have for a while now taken a seriously great invention with us on every hike we have done. To be honest I never used to buy this product back when I was single, and it took an introduction before learning to not only love the simplicity, and greatness of the product but also the company in itself.



Now I am more or less hooked on their REAL Turmat – Pasta Bolognese. The taste is so good, and the product is truly a “no brainer” even for city girls like me:)


  • Step one: Open the package

  • Step two: Add as much water as you might need from your Primus.

  • Step three: Use a Spork, and make sure every bit of the dry product is dissolved into the warm water.

  • Step four: Wait ten minutes

EAT, and enjoy.


Because I am such a fan I recently contacted the company via their Facebook page, and asked for some company details.


This is what they sent me:

They are based in Tromsø. Yeah they are Norwegian.

Tromsø is the place where all meal preparation/planning is done with the help of their very own chef , and product developer. They are always trying to develop new and tasty recipes plus enhance the once they already have. Carefully they choose all the ingredients themselves that mostly come from Norway. The “drying process” is furthermore developed by Drytech themselves, and the method is by far more gentler then the traditonal way of lyophilization.

  • All meals have an up to five year expire date.
  • All meals are packed with all the right amount of fats, carbs, and proteins you might need for a day out hiking or rock climbing like we do.

Back when I was first introduced to Drytech by Lars I was so sure they had a very small range of products.However I could not have been more wrong.


They have;

  • 17 different meals

  • 6 gluten free

  • 9 lactose free

  • 4 gluten and lactose free

  • 3 veggie dishes

If you are interested in more info on all their wonderful food. Please press the link below, and be taken to their product range.


It is important to mention that Drytech makes a different range of meals for the armed forces (safety & security they call it), the police, fire department, and different charites. It consists of 6 different dishes.


Some time ago they launched the “REAL On the Go” series. Consisting of chocolates. protein bars,  beef snacks to name but a few..I for one will be checking that out seeing as i am a sucker for anything sweet.




I will be following this company along for future posts.

So stay tuned for that.

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