PART 3 – NORWEGIAN BEER – The Aja Brewery

The Aja Brewery:

When The Hadeland Brewery moved to Sundland in Drammen, father and daughter made the decision to brew Belgian.

Aja Brewery first started its brewing early in 2015, and It is a family brewery owned by a father and daughter.

Aja moved into his premises at Sundland in Drammen and established a new brewery after Nøisom moved all the equipment to Fredrikstad. Aja means source in Sami, and the logo is inspired by a sun wheel once found on a rock carvings.

The Brewery has chosen to focus on Belgian beer types like wit, saison, and tripel, but also imports beer such as:

Belgian La Rulles, De Glazen Tower, and Brasserie des Legendes, as well as Brasserie Au Baron from France.

You can find Aja at Vinmonopolet and some venues in Oslo / Drammen

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Disclaimer: All tips are taken from The book – “Norsk Øl – og Bryggeriguide – written by: Knut Albert Solem

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