So i guess this is the time to be honest, and say that i completely understand the feedback when it comes to my page. That it can be seen as downright messy at times, and hard to follow. Sometimes it has felt like i have just thrown down a hundred things at the same time without any real purpose or direction. In turn i have wanted you my reader to take action on everything at the same time. I realize i have been given to many mixed signals, and my site is not nearly as good as it could be or as good as i have wanted it to be. Work has always been put in, but it has been to general in every sense of the word. To many topics at the same time, and to many old ideas has come back to haunt me…I have not done what i set out to do in the beginning which was create a good blog where people felt at home, and would come back. Now i understand there are more blogs out there by the day that are more personal have more readers from day-to-day and so one… the question is therefore …why should you even think about reading my blog when i do not post fashion /outfit photos of myself (by the way..i NEVER will) or share to personal things like where i live exactly or where i work right now…That and a lot more has to stay private or i would go insane…

Now the real question is..what can i do to get people engaged again?

What can i do to get people commenting?

What can i do to get people reading, form an opinion, want to come back ?

But most of all…what is it that makes my blog special/worth reading, and why would you even bother?

Well does are all questions i have to think hard about over the next few weeks, and try to find an answer to..

On person gave me some great advice; what are you so passionate about that you could write on this topic nonstop for the next three years?

Well i am doing a web design bachelor over the next three years…so maybe that is the answer?

Either way..back to the truth..i will turn this around..slowly but surely, and i hope you will stick around for the change.

Have a great day.

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