PART 2 – NORWEGIAN BEER – The 7 Mountain Brewery

The 7 Mountain Brewery:

As we all know drinking beer, and being part of the rock climbing community goes hand in hand. Name one climber who does not enjoy a cold one after being on the rock for a few hours /days?

Something a lot of you might not know is that Norway has a lot of small and medium seized brewery´s scattered across the entire country. Our neighbour is even doing it is a hobby from time to time :)

As a result of our curiosity we recently bought a book on the subject called “Norwegian beer and brewery guide” written by Knut Albert Solem. It features so many different once that I thought why not make a longer series on the topic.

7 Mountain Brewery
Fjelldalen 5
5155 Bønes

Established: 2013
Production: 2015
300,000 liters

The 7 Mountain Brewery first got started when one of Norway’s most experienced, and merited home brewers finally had the opportunity to brew full-time. The brewery was established in Bergen in 2013, and since then they have maintained a consistently high standard. The first three batches were originally brewed at Lervig in Stavanger but since 2014 everything has been brewed in Bergen. The brewery’s goal is that all the beer should taste clean and they are therefore constantly seeking new flavours and new tasts.  

7 Mountain Brewery is an “open” brewery and they believe that no recipe needs to be secret. All labels therefore have a QR code that can be scanned. That way, you will have the opportunity to know the exact recipe for the beer you are drinking on a Saturday night.

7 Fjell Brewery has a wide range of beers in the grocery store, and at Vinmonopolet. And you can easily find something you like. A nice design makes them stand out on the shelves, and most of the beers they carry are bottled.

Next brewery coming up is:
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Disclaimer: This post was based on information found in the book The Norwegian Beer and Brewery guide.
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