It is only 228 days until I am getting married, and when that day comes I want to look as good as I possible can! By that I do not mean that I want to starve myself or get silly training (going to the gym several times a day) no by that I mean that I want to look fit, toned, and ultimately feel good from the inside and out. We all know that feeling! That feeling of being so HAPPY about yourself that you have reached a goal, but at the same time being so proud that you go finally got there after struggling for a while.

Plan for the site in the year to come.

So as you may have noticed lately some changes have happened on the page, and more will come throughout the year. I am going to use 2017 in the best possible way. and by that build my site up to a new, and hopefully better level. Some collaborations will happen, as well as introduction to new, and interesting products, ideas, and people. In February I will be going to a meeting with these guys, and a longer piece on their idea will then be posted.

My Christmas Eve contest @Realturmat – CLOSED

So I have been meaning to tell you about this contest I will be running on the 24 December all through the Christmas week. It comes curtesy of a company from Tromsø called DRYTECH/@RealTurmat. They have been so kind as to help me out with three meals from their range of products (bought out of my own pocket at a discounted prize). I bought as a start a breakfast pack, dinner, and dessert. However since it is Christmas the contest will be bigger then this, and It will come in three parts. All you have to do is tell me a story of when you once you went hiking , and the person with the best story wins 1,2,or 3 prize. You can post on any Social Media platform, all you have to do is use the hashtag #OLMandRealturmatcontest24 Contest will be posted on Christmas Eve at 9.


Have you ever started a new diet, completely excited that this time you’re going to lose all of your excess weight, only to realize within a week or two that it didn’t exactly fit your lifestyle? Maybe it included meals that took too long to prep and you don’t like spending a lot of time in the kitchen. Or perhaps it involved eating foods you aren’t crazy about.  While it may be tempting to give up and resign yourself to a body that isn’t as in shape as you’d like, there is another alternative: creating your own personalized diet. I’m talking about one that fits your life and feels as good as an individually tailored pair of designer jeans. But how do you do that?