REVIEW: OSPREY KAMBER 32 – Men’s edition

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Recently I have been on the lookout for a new backpack, and this time I was looking for something that would be good to ski with. I wanted something with well thought out pockets that was easy to get into, and zippers that was sturdy but light at the same time. I also wanted a backpack with extra padding in the back in case I fell on the slopes. Extra padding is never a bad you stay warmer.I went into @Gamletorvetsport in Gjøvik, and had a look at the Osprey Kamper 32 for men!

After some looking I fell head over heels for this one!


The reason I fell for it was the colour, and how well it is made. All the pockets with its zippers seems well thought out. It fits well on my back, and I think it will do the same thing for you. The pack is not complicated to understand in any way shape or form, and you will therefore use it with ease, and probably a lot more than you first might have thought.

I usually tend to carry only a few things with me as we ski..since I do not like it to be to heavy or to bulky. So I usually pack a termos with coffee, one extra sweater in case it gets colder plus food. The pack holds everything really well whatever pocket you choose to use. You can not argue with the prize point either.

Osprey – KAMBER 32 Backpack

Kamber 32, and its outer pocket is well fitted for every avalanche equipment you might need like a probe and shovel in case you are unlucky 😂we always carry both with us just in never know…the weather might change.

I can not say just how much I love this backpack, and how I urge you to have a look for your self.

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