Oslo marathon – ten for Grethe

Oslo Marathon / #tenforGrethe

So I have not talked to much about fitness on the page lately,and I guess the reason is that first I blew my knee skiing some months ago, and as a result the only thing I could do for a while was walking 🚶,and number two the healing process was longer then expected!

I was so irritated 😤 for a while,and it took me some time to get back on the fitness horse so to speak.

But today I finally got my groove back,and headed in for some self-love ❤️.

After all exercise is good on so many levels;

  • your mood is instantly lifted
  • you sleep better
  • your skin becomes more vibrant,and glowing
  • you instantly become healthier in other areas of your life
  • you become happier as a person
  • clothes fit better
  • Getting dressed up is a happier experience…plus a whole lot of other things that I am sure you can think of!​

On New Year’s Eve I made a deal with a friend that this year (September) I (and Lars) would run part of Oslo marathon with her. Now mind you I have made this promise before without actually doing it however now I am more determined then ever to achieve my goal this time! I will keep you posted on my progress😊

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