We have been skiing a lot recently, and never leave the home without helmets from @Sweet Protection. One thing is trusting yourself on the slopes another thing completely is trusting others to make the right decisions.

I have free ride skies from @Blizzard, and have done a review on them here.

There is not a lot of snow 🙁

The view is spectacular in more ways than one.

We went skiing in Hafjell today since it is the quick drive from where we live. We both like Hafjell in more ways than one, and tend to go there when we want something easy, and fun at the same time. Do not get me wrong I love the slopes in Hafjell for the most part, but I do recommend that you get there as early as possible either on a weekend or regular weekdays. Try to be there when they open since it tends to get a bit crowed when you hit 11 -12 in the afternoon. Other than that one of the best tips I can give you is remember to bring your own food/drinks since the restaurant food tends to be expensive.

Happy skiing

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