March is the month when I started publishing online for the first time, nine years ago. My God how time flies. Ever since then this has been both a fun side project, and a bit of a thorn in my side ..My biggest challenge have always been to find a steady/clear vision for the page, and when I do stick to that one vision instead of always getting side tracked, and many times loosing focus all together.


I started blogging back in 2009, and back then I drew inspiration from a Norwegian culture blog thinking that was what I wanted to write about..things like classical music, radio, books, movies and so one. I tried for a long time to follow that one theme I had “created” for myself but in doing that got bored with the topics I had chosen , and instead wrote about whatever else became interesting right there and then. To be honest I wanted to become a “BIG” blogger, and therefore went with topics I saw everyone else doing, and hoped it would make my numbers go up..ergo I was online publishing for all the wrong reasons. And my plan back then did not you can clearly see…it totally backfired, and as a result,  over time I lost the few eyeballs I had gotten. Because people did not understand what the heck I was doing, and went elsewhere as a result. Things where just to real direction..

This thought me one very important lesson. If you do not write for yourself, but do it in an effort to become a “BIG ” blogger it will never feel organic or something you will want to keep up since you are basically doing it for all the wrong reasons..

I have at the beginning of this post shared some of the reasons why I started, and how the project slowly went of the “deep end” a bit. The reasons why I have continued is because somewhere deep inside me I know there is something I want to say..just not to clear what my message is at times ☺️However I am working on perfecting that clear message every day.


In the early days I used to sit up until the crack of dawn learning code, layout, how widgets worked, how to better write online.. all in an effort to get better at my craft.

I still read a lot about these things, but somehow my site became more work then fun, and through that slowly but surely I lost the spark, and have therefore not hit publish in a long time..I have come to the conclusion that writing a page like this should only be a fun project that slowly and organically grows..I think for me it became to serious, and because of that it felt forced.

As a result of it not being fun …like it once where; I started getting in my own way..with changing the layout, name, topics and so one..once again to maybe get the spark back. What I should have done was take a deep breath, and remind myself of why I started this journey in the first place..I started in March 2009 because I was bored at work, and needed a creative outlet that was JUST MINE. That is why from now on..I am over trying to “copy” everyone else..I am just going to do MY THING, and see where that takes me..

Understand me correctly I love the way my page has evolved,and how far I have come .I just now have to keep it the way it is, and stop dragging in topics that are not on point with my vision of a lifestyle, rock climbing and skiing site. The lifestyle part of my blog (and i have said it before) will always be a struggle for me to define since I have a huge problem understanding what the term really means…That does not mean it will not be important on my way forward..

Finding that spark that makes things fun again is hard at the moment, and I hope with this post you can better understand where I am coming from.

Hope to see you soon.

P:S This lack of inspiration is something every blogger I know struggle with from time to time…

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