Hi. I have been blogging since 2009, and have for a long time wanted to have a newsletter for the site.Something you could easily subscribe to if you wanted something in your inbox without having to visit the site. The newsletter for “Outdoor and Lifestyle Magazine” also called LINN is written so you can easily read my posts , and subscribe plus read the content that interesting you. The Newsletter will feature topics like recipes, books, general tips and much more. The Newsletter will contain information that is easy to understand, and not to fussy. Hopefully I will be able to give you easy to use tricks that have helped me when we go for longer or shorter hikes like this weekend. When we once again is going to the cabin in Skåbu.

I have never had a lot of Subscribers to any of my previous letters, and there can be many reasons. One of the main once is that I have always given up before I even started. The result being that people have not had much interest in any content coming from me. I get that! Things have been to inconsistent for people to follow along.

I hope this time that will change, and that you can give it another chance.

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My name is Linn.

And I am the writer behind the online magazine The Outdoor and Lifestyle Magazine.This is the place you come for tips/inspiration on an active lifestyle.

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