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You may be a long time reader or someone who just started checking my page out? Either way I am grateful for you being here, and reading my words that sometimes takes a long time to write. Some posts feels like a hundred years to write..while others come in two seconds. I want you to know the reason I started this journey to begin with..

It was started as project out of boredom many years ago, and has evolved ten times over after started as a blog…to later become a dream of making a living/business from words! I have always dreamt of having my own business, so a side hustle like this is just natural to me,  and the one dream I have never given up through hard times, and good. I spent hours when I first started figuring things out like HTML to CSS code ..I did everything and anything I could for free to make my page better, and as good as the once I saw other places on the internet. I still spend hours figuring stuff out, and the need in me never gives up until I understand what I am doing. Like yesterday when I created the gallery, and archive page..I managed to screw it up a few times before it finally stuck..the only way to really understand something is to keep going, and never give up! The only one you are disappointing when giving yourself..

My page is slowly but surely growing into a magazine/blog about rock climbing /skiing and more of a lifestyle site. The truth is Iam really struggling with the lifestyle part..I do not know what it is to consist of? Life advice ? Food advice ? Or something completely different? One person said to me that lifestyle is simply posting about your life?

And then comes another thought..

How personal should I get? All these things plus a whole lot more keeps floating in my brain on a regular basis, and sometimes I feels like I am getting nowhere !

I write, and will continue to write this page because I love to write, take photos, my dream never leaves, and plus I need a creative outlet..I need something to keep my head and thoughts from spinning into circles…so that is why this site from now and a long time into the future will be project of love, and something I every day look forward to updating with new content.

I hope you like my page, and that you enjoy my content.

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My name is Linn. And I am the writer behind the online magazine The Outdoor and Lifestyle Magazine.This is the place you come for tips/inspiration on an active lifestyle.

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