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    Mostly English speaking countries, but also a lot from Scandinavia – Norway, and Russia/Australia


    Welcome to An Outdoor Lifestyle Magazine also called LINN.

    Since the start my site has changed from being a hobby project where anything goes. Over time it started growing into something completely different, and so has the content. Today I try to post as much of my original content as possible.

    As of 23.11.16 i have rebranded the page, and now it will over time grow more into a lifestyle/outdoor magazine. It will take time, and much effort on my part. But I hope you will be there for the ride.

    By original I mean;

    Take my own photos/research, and write my own posts.

    If I use other people`s content I always ask first for the ok before I hit that publish button, and the post is credited ( at the bottom) the once who wrote/made the content first will get all the credit.

    Furthermore my site was created so that it could be a place where you would go to be inspired, and maybe make small or big changes in your life. A place you could hopefully learn something new, and maybe even shift your thinking a bit.

    Surveys I have run in the past gives a hint that people mostly come to my site to read on topics like:
    • Lifestyle
    • Rock climbing
    • The Outdoors
    • Skiing and much more.

    I tend to write posts not more then maybe 300 Words.I want my writing to be easy peasy to understand, and not to hard to grasp even for people who do not have English as their first language!

    By this point you are probably thinking maybe this girl will introduce herself already?

    My name is Linn, and I am 39 years old. I live in Norway just 2 hours outside of Oslo.


    My site will be a great place to share your product since I have such a vast demographic, and I tend to have readers in both Norway, and abroad. The countries that visit/read my content the most come from English speaking countries like The USA, England, Australia but also Russia, The Ukraine to name but a few.

    I would also love to be a place where new Norwegian startup`s big or small can get a free ad.

    Give me your thoughts


    Please Give Credit Where Credit Is Due.
    My Own Images May Not Be Used For Commercial
    Purposes Without Prior Written Consent.