As the temperatures drop, and you want to spend  more time indoors. Loungewear in all its forms have been heavily on my mind. Sitting comfortably in a chair knitting or reading a book in clothes that flow is pure heaven.

I have been more or less obsessed with Pinterest lately. I find the page is one amazing place to find inspiration in all forms. Wether it be for green plants, scarfs, books, things to wear, and suggestions for advents calendars.Through the years I have created many boards, and they all make me smile, and relax. Plus keep reminding me of ideas for new posts I might write in the future.


These images are only suggestions on my part, and it may not be your cup of tea whatsoever. However you might get some inspiration, and know that on cold mornings (or when you are out traveling) it is alright to stay indoors. Make yourself a coffee find a book, and relax like I am now. Maybe this is the day you find the courage to follow a year long dream 🙂


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