I have been thinking a lot lately that my sight is not nearly as personal or well written as I would like it to be. As a result I am thinking about making some small changes over the months ahead before Christmas, and then over 2018. After doing research on the topic “lifestyle sites” there seems to be one thing they all share..the focus on lifestyle of one/a few people..and you tend to get those people´s perspective on life through everything from food recipes, to clothes they wear to books they love..My site will probably never be plastered with my own face in ever picture, but if there is one thing I have learned it is that online you can be personal , but you do not need to be private. You can share only as much as you want, and then stop when it feels uncomfortable.

There are many things you probably do not know about me from reading my site. Like the fact that I love crime novels, and that I once upon a time studied in Australia, or that I have been looking for a job for over six months (it is frustrating) without getting something concrete. There are many other things you do not know, and i am still debating as to how much i want to tell, but the truth is I have to start somewhere, and make a change ..it is just not working the way i hoped it would..There can be many reasons for that, but one i think has to do with the things i just wrote, and plus many girls out there writing similar sites have one thing i common they make brand online based on their own personality,and interests..i have never done that to the full extent

Maybe it is about time I did without selling my soul in the process…

After all the primary goal is to write about skiing/rock climbing and one active lifestyle..the change will be how I choose to do it..

I am still debating so if you have any thoughts on the subject I would love to hear from you😊😊

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