This will be a rambling post where the main goal is to fall back in love with a project that for months have felt like a bloody hassle, and not a love project that was started many years ago only for myself…

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The thing is that the minute you start over thinking things is when you lose something good! Blogging then turns into something “you want to make a living from” and when that thought process entered my head is when things changed for me..

Some months ago I lost the passion, and the more I tried to force it to come back is when it disappeared completely. I know many content creators feel the same way from time to time..finding something cool …a new angle, and expecting every time you sit down to bang out the next New York Times bestseller is HARD as F, and far from realistic..listen honesty remember :)I just lost the spark completely, and thought every idea that popped into my head was either stupid, or lacking inspiration..

It has been months of missing content creation, but when I sat down to write something the words just stopped ..I could write half a post..doubt myself..and in the process delete every word I just wrote only to start again..and the second time was even harder..Nothing was ever good enough, and did not fit my sites “profile”…

simply..overthinking gets you nowhere in this blogging game..

Sometimes you just have to sit down, and ask yourself the though questions like ….Is this really what I want to do? Is it fun? Why do I blog? and why is it not working at the moment (months …), and what can you do to get the fun back to content making?

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Listen I am sorry if I sound negative..that is NOT my intention at all, but the questions above has to be looked at if you are ever to come back at least a couple of times a week..(I used to blog every day).Now mind you I still overthink this project, and I expect things will be hard a little while longer…I hope to come back stronger in the near future. But I am missing it so badly that somehow it cant be the end. It just can not…

When I come back it has to be for the right reasons..

See you soon :)


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