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  • Introduction course to rock climbing – Getting Started

    Introduction course to rock climbing – Getting Started

    Number one :Getting started

    Within rock climbing there are some basic things you have to remember when you are starting out.

    Three of the most important things when you start is simply;

    1.Getting started, 2 Equipment and number three knots. These three things will be explained further in future posts.

    Disclaimer : the MOST important thing when rock climbing will always be safety. Think safety in everything you do.

    However today I will start with point one;

    Getting started:

    This can be a hurdle in itself, and it was for me. I did not have anyone to teach me or show me the swing off things. If I was to learn anything about rock climbing it would have to be because I made real effort into learning by reading 📖 books, watching YouTube videos, and movies. However there are only so much you can teach yourself and if you do not have anyone to help you get further it can get hard. So that is why I will always recommend that you become a member of a rock climbing club or in whatever way try to meet likeminded  people. Furthermore rock climbing is hard to do on your own ( not bouldering) and you will need a belayer. Someone to watch your back/that you trust as you fumble your way up the rock. If you do not trust your belayer it will be harder to climb, and you will probably be more focused on not falling then actually getting better.

    Climbing in all its forms takes time to really learn properly, and obtaining experience is vital in progressing through the grades  ,and technicalities that makes this sport so challenging. Make sure you work out a sequence of skill development for yourself that suits your aims and aspirations. If you are a novice to rock climbing I would not recommend that you lead from day one. Everything has to be learnt in small steps, and it is the same with rock climbing..building up a solid base of experience would be the way ahead before you start leading. You have to familiarize yourself with being on the rock, and how your body can best be used as you try to get up the mountain.

    Building up a base of experience will be essential to becoming a safe,and all round rock climber.

    Last but not least in order to become a really good rock climber (in my opinion),  and someone who is able to do harder routes over time you have to hit the gym on a regular basis. I would therefor recommend you in the winter months do weight/indoor climbing/bouldering so that when spring comes you are good to go.

    These ar some of my tips, and I hope they where helpful.

    Part two coming up: Equipment


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