Lately you might have seen a few companies popping up in the sidebar. These are all companies I think make excellent products in their own right, and that you my reader therefore should find out more.

I have already introduced you to @Realturmat, and therefore thought it was about time I did the same for @Alpilox.

Alpilox is a Norwegian business founded by Eirik Gulset Strømsheim,Simen Roel Klafstad, and Marius Våge!Their business idea came when they where studying at the Norwegian Business School (BI), and they one winter had some ski equipment stolen. The boys could not understand why the ski resorts did not offer a lock and key system for protection of skies/snowboard as you during a break went for some food or just some shopping at a resort. 

That is why they after some time came up with the fantastic idea called Alpilox. The system is not only easy to operate using your own Visa card, but something every resort should offer their guests for added security. Having equipment stolen or mixed up with someone else wether it be skies or a snowboard after having paid a pretty sum…it really sucks.  

They will do a pilot at Bjorli and Hemsedal ski resort during the season of 2016/2017!

There will be more updates from these guys in the year to come so stay tuned for that!

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