Lately you might have seen a few companies popping up in the sidebar. These are all companies I think make excellent products in their own right, and that you my reader therefore should find out more.

I have already introduced you to @Realturmat, and therefore thought it was about time I did the same for @Alpilox.

Alpilox is a Norwegian business founded by¬†Eirik Gulset Str√łmsheim,Simen Roel Klafstad, and Marius V√•ge!Their business idea came when they where¬†studying at the Norwegian¬†Business School (BI), and they one winter had some ski equipment stolen. The boys could not understand why the ski resorts did not offer a lock and key system for protection of skies/snowboard as you during a break went for some food or¬†just some shopping at a resort.¬†

That is why¬†they after some time came up with the fantastic¬†idea called Alpilox. The system is not only easy to operate using your own Visa card, but something every resort¬†should offer¬†their guests for added security. Having equipment stolen or mixed up with someone¬†else¬†wether it be¬†skies or a¬†snowboard after¬†having paid a¬†pretty sum…it really¬†sucks. ¬†

They will do a pilot at Bjorli and Hemsedal ski resort during the season of 2016/2017!

There will be more updates from these guys in the year to come so stay tuned for that!

"Partner" - Alpilox Facebook: ALPILOX Instagram: ALPILOX Go follow them over at their Social Media channels for more updates.

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