REPOSTED: Dennis Risvoll : Professional freeskier from Norway

Dennis Risvoll


Dennis Risvoll

Born in Vågå Norway

professional norwegian freeskier


A few weeks ago I sent a Facebook message to Dennis asking if he would be interested in doing a little interview! He was kind enough to say yes, and underneath you can therefore read the interview in its entirety.


Me : As someone who has been in the ski game for quite a while;

What is your best tip for skies/equipment for someone wanting to start free riding?

Dennis : Hard to say. You have to experiment and find your own style.

Me : What would your advice be to a man/female wanting to ride skies for a living?

Dennis : Participate in all the competitions you can, to get experience.

Me : How do you get sponsors/work with companies?

Get noticed, deliver what you agree on time and promote the brands in a good way – remember that you represent the brands in many different settings.

Me : From reading/doing research for this interview I understand that you have done many a competition in your time;

Me : Why did you start doing competitions in the first place, and what is the appeal?

Dennis : For fun with my friends

Me : What is the biggest challenge about riding The Freeride World Tour?

Dennis : A lot of waiting, traveling and not so much skiing during the competition days.

Me : How do you plan a race when entering a competition? (listen to the weather report, checking skies, checking the snow?).

Dennis : Planning my line thoroughly, studying the face.

Me : How do you choose the line you want to run, and what factors do you take into consideration?

Dennis : I choose my line how I usually ski when I just have fun.

Me: I recently watched your amazing ski movie on NRK, and want to know;

Me : Why did you say yes to this particular project?

Dennis : First of all is the producer a really good filmer and a good friend. It’s nice to have a friend to travel around with you when you go all over the world. It’s also a BIG opportunity for a skier to promote yourself and sponsors. Show what this sport is all about. Not all Powder and sunny days. With a project like this it’s easier to maybe take on other projects.

Me : Last but not least some questions about future plans;

Me : What do you think about your future ski career, and how would you like it to evolve?

Dennis : The plan has always been to improve my skiing and be as good as possible, and off course have fun. That’s the most important thing. I’m really happy to be able to do something that I love for a living.

– Movies

– Competitions

– Riding for fun, and continue working as a carpenter

Thank you Dennis Risvoll for taking the time to answer my questions!

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