So we all know finding a new raincoat that looks both chic, and is functional at the same time can be quite a struggle. Brands out there tend to (in my opinion) make coats that come in weird patterns/colours and they tend to be to short, and also have a bad fit.To name but a few of the struggles I have met in while being on the hunt for that perfect one.

I have a few criteria that I look for, and these are:

Is the raincoat made well?

By that I mean is the shape right, or will I end up looking like a trash bag the minute I put it on?

Will the fabric breath?

Or will I feel like a damp, sweaty thing after ten minutes?


Is the colour screaming here I am or is it more subdued? Can I wear the raincoat with other colours underneath without looking like a rainbow?


Rain coats that come without a hood is not worth buying.


Is it easy to adjust with the help of different chords


I tend to think long rain coats are much more functional , and short once.


Helly Hansen

Ilse Jacobsen

kari traa

These are just some of my picks, and tips for staying dry.

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