This time featuring three things you can think of buying if you are a rock climber or simply love camping? There are always things you need, and so maybe this can help you a little a long the way?

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First of all; we all need a good chalk bag when we want to rock climb, and this one called The Prana Geo Chalk Bag with a Belt seems like a good option if you are on the lookout for something new.

A headlight is always a must for camping trips, and trips in general that seem to go one a bit longer then you first planned. I have tried the headlights from Petzl before, and i quite like them.

As for the Amazon Kindle Oasis (Waterproof) I guess many people like having something to read if they are out camping for longer/shorter trips. Personally I prefer a regular book with actual paper. However I can see the convenience og having a tablet you can download more then one book onto.

So these are my three tips for today, and I hope you like them?

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