So I will start this post by saying that I have been VERY lazy lately, and I am starting to see a negative shift in my body. You know the shift I am talking about when you go from looking fit to looking totally out of shape, and your tights are going more outwards then down? Plus the little arm strength you once had have faded away, and trying to get up a hill on skies become harder than it ever has? You know what I talking about? As I have said many times before on this page..


Consistency has never been my strong suit..that is something that will have to change this year..It makes me go insane at times…The fact that I can never seem to make up my mind..Consistency is something you need in EVERY part of your life to get to that next goal. I have always found it to be hard..specially when it comes to the gym..I start and finish faster than you can say “just do it”.

The thing with the gym is that I always have a ton of excuses (in my head, and out loud) as to why I can not do it..I am not feeling well, it is cold outside, I am to tired, it is no fun, my body is not looking that bad..???

All really stupid things, and lies I tell myself.

You have probably heard them all before, and you might have told them to yourself?

The thing with excuses is that they take you no where in life, and only hinders you from achieving any dream you might have, and so they have to stop once, and for all. At least for me.


If I am truly honest with myself once I get to the gym I like being there, and I love everything from Cardio (running on the treadmill) to lifting weights..and seeing a shift in my body.I actually love getting sweat, and feeling tired in every way. It not only helps my mood, but it also helps me sleep better, my skin clears up, and overall I feel much better about myself..So why can I not do it for more then a few months? That is the thing I have to figure out.

I have to tackle this lack of consistency this year.

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