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GamleTorvet Sport located in Gjøvik first opened its doors on the 9 of November 1989. It is owned by Britt, Hans Vidar, and Thomas They sell everything from skis to rock climbing equipment, and ever since I moved here some time ago this is the place where we have gone on a regular basis for everything an anything worth bringing on a hike.

Some of the things we have bought are:

– A Black Diamond black shell jacket for skiing

– More than one cap

– A harness for rock climbing both for him and her!

– More Christmas gifts then I can count

– Different bags

– Skies


To name but a few;

The reason we always end up going back is because we always get such great customer service that we do not get anywhere else, and they are always so full of knowledge about the products they sell. Knowledge you simply do not get at regular chain stores. Plus they seem to be first inline when new cool products go on the marked and are ready for testing like the skies from Kneissl or the HMR helmets. This is the place you go if you are old in the game or just starting! If you want to do not know what equipment to buy, and need help for that first ski trip or you have skied so many times you have lost count but still need something unique, and special to try or show you friends!

I for one always walk out with something new and cool that I always get so many uses out of, and so the price point is always justified at least for me!

Name: Gamletorvet Sport

Address: Nedre Torvgata 12

Gjøvik, Norway

That is why I highly recommend Gamletorvet Sport in Gjøvik.

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