I had a plan at the beginning of this month I swear, but as always sticking to a plan on the site is hard sometimes. My problem will forever be structure, but as many people have said before will never get better at something if you do not try harder. I will not promise anything when it comes to this topic (since i know me:) all I can say is that I am working my hardest to get better. I for one know this site would be so much easier to follow with some post planning, and regular content making. I am working on that part..

I want to have a regular calendar with content from month to month so i will be the first to say that my topic for August have not been only lifestyle..or maybe that is just what this is in broader terms? 

Either way I am trying my hardest, and the moment i have more time on my hands then usual so it really should not be that hard after all:( 

I will therefor not say i have ONE topic for next month I will say that my calendar will be followed instead.


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