As i have previously mentioned this week I have listened a lot to different Podcasts in the effort to try, and learn a few new things.


Because after all that is a huge part of what life is going to be like for more then me in the near future. With all that is happening in the world with the push to get more education, better jobs, advancing, always learning either by doing double Bachelor degrees (as it is in Norway at the moment) or always taking short courses on the side as you work a nine to five. The constant pressure to always improve yourself can for some people including myself feel exhausting, and really tiresome. But for some reason it seems that with the way society is evolving we have no choice in the matter. It seems to be (in Norway) evolve with the times or get left behind in a dead end job with dead end pay..Who wants that?

Is this really what we have come to?

That there is no longer room for people who want to have a 9-5.. go home, and be happy with having a job. Without the constant pressure of always doing something else, being better, better yourself, be smarter, take more seems like none of us are really ever enough in this world where the overachivers are the once making the rules…The consensus seems to be that without a double/triple master you have nothing to offer wether it be friends, coworkers, or future employers..It is either be like everyone else, and adapt or get screwed, and end up with “nothing”….My question is when did this happen, and was it a sudden change or did it sneak up on us from behind? The truth is that it probably came sneaking up from behind over a long period of time, and we did not see it before it was to late…

In Norway being a carpenter or any handy worker for that matter is considered “low” class when did this happen? When without the “handy professions” in our society nothing will ever be built, and all we will end up with is a bunch of thinkers who can switch on a computer, and type..but when it comes to actually making something they will probably not have a clue where to start..this evolution is dangerous in my opinion..we do not need more thinkers we need more doers..


To the case in have as you might or might not know been on a real thinking trip lately trying to find out what I want to use the next 30 years of my life doing, and I must be so honest to say that I find it truly hard to make a choice…

Do I choose a profession that I know society needs in the future or do I end up with something that lights my heart/soul on fire?

I guess the bottom line is that we are not all the same, and not all of us can be happy behind a computer! But what my next step is going to be i must say is hard at the moment…

Do you ever feel this way? and what are your thoughts on the subject?

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