This has been one of those weeks where you get to the weekend, and all you really want is to sit on the coach while eating some After Eight with a cup of coffee (I am so 90 years old..I know☺️) But what can I say I like After Eight..They remind me of some obscure crime series I used to watch…

The funny thing is that I can not for the life of me remember what the series was called..

For the last couple of weeks I have worked in a kindergarten as an assistant, and I much say that it is quite relaxing, and nice work to finish each day with a smile on your face from all the love you receive each day. The kids can get angry as any adult when they do not get their way , however when it really comes down to it kids will love you to the end as long as you treat them with respect, and love..

This week I have learned an important lesson (maybe I am slow) you can not force a friendship, and some friends are not ment to stick can simply out grow people and as a result end up having nothing in common as time goes by…Those “old” or “new”friends you make along the way are there for you to learn from, and when it is move on and take what you have learnt with you. The funny thing is that the minute one door closes another opens..and you meet other interesting people who can teach you other interesting things..

As humans we are constantly moving, and learning either from other people, places, situations or better yet from ourselves. That is the true beauty of being a human, and getting older in the process…

That was my week in a nutshell..

Now I am interested to hear about yours?

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