Yet another week is almost over (Friday), and these days (since before Christmas to be honest) I have had the flue for more days then i care to count. It does not seem to let go any time soon…



On to more positive things;

I have written to posts this week on “Happy New Year” and one “2018 – new start and new beginnings” post that seems to go down pretty well with my readers, and I can as a result see the numbers go up. This week I have had a little bit of work witch means cash in my bank account. Further more on the positive side we have finally had real snow come down (a little to much to be honest), and everything seems lighter, and more gorgeous to look at. I did a little retouch  to my site this week, and thereby changed colours plus did a little bit of a layout change. Hopefully the change makes it easier for you my reader to follow along for the new year.

On a side not ..When I visit a site, and it just seems to complicated to me I usually click away…do you know the feeling when you visit a site, and everything is happening at the same time..automatic music playing, snow falling (guilty), to many large photos witch leads to long loading times, and not to mention bad all means I will leave in a second.. I really hope that is not how my page is seen…?????

The thing is I have always wanted my site to be known for real quality, and that is really how I hope it is seen.


I finished another book this week, and happily started number two in a series of three. Matthew Reilly writes the best action filled books I have read in a long time. Every page is a real turner, and you are always on edge not knowing what to expect as you keep reading. They are really well written, and interesting..the fact that they are supposed to be “boy books” really does not concern me..I am a girl who likes action..always have.

As for the week in general it was pretty good, and I am now looking forward to the weekend.

Have a good Friday, and weekend.

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