As for everyone in the world trying to stay informed on politics, books, society in general or the arts you always have to do research in the form of new Podcasts, newspapers, radio or books. Each week new things happen, and things are forever changing in the world. Have you ever taken the time to just think about just how fast everything is changing?

It makes my head spin from time to time…


This week has been filled with thoughts on several new things, and for me it has been “new” things in the form of old things coming to life once again, and brand new options I have not thought about before..I have for one decided that it is about time to bite the bullet, and deal with some old crap I have been holding onto for far to long, and that have sopped me from getting my dream. We all have things like this have we not? That we have been a bit scared to face, and therefore have a tendency to put off…until one day you can not “forget” it any longer, and the only option you have left is to fully accept yourself..and love every bit of what you are..that can sometimes be hard…for us all…

The only way out of this is to really work on your mindset over a long period of time, and not give up even when your head, and your heart do not see eye to eye on all matters…because sometimes it can feel like everything is a mess, and really hard to understand…


I have a tendency to think way to much at times, and as a result not sleep very well. This usually happens when my mind is going hundred miles an hour..Thinking to much can sometimes be a curse when all you want is to relax,and sleep tight. That is why I have begun meditating for approx 30 min every evening before I sleep. It puts my mind at rest, relaxes my body..and stills my a result i sleep so much better..

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