Every single person out there more or less have their own rituals for the weekend. I for one like to wake up early, and head downstairs for some tea/coffee and turn the radio on. Once upon a time I even liked reading a newspaper every Saturday morning. That is one habit I will start doing again as soon as this whole job thing is sorted..I really want to start a subscription with The New York Times – How to Spend It again. I love their gardening section above all.


I used to head (when I still lived in Oslo) out to my favourite coffee shop in town on the weekend. Bring something to read, and sit there for hours on end doing people watching. I really miss that “Me Time”. When i never had to answer to anyone else then myself…I miss that girl, and so it is about time i brought her back this year..

Where I live now going to a coffee shop is not so easy plus they do not sell this fab newspaperĀ That is s why this weekend I will catch up on the girl I used to be, and get into Politics/Podcasts, and read more interesting content again. I have lost myself a bit, and do not like the person it makes me!

This weekend we will also head to Hafjell for some skiing, and chill. This means I get some off time to maybe kick this cold once, and for all. Anyone else been sick for a many weeks? It is a hassle…

Saturday/Sunday can be the time you reflect over the week that just passed..set new goals, and make an awesome plan of how to crush the months ahead. Many things are coming up…I am dying to see how this whole year is shaping up.

Plan for the weekend; get well, and do some reflecting on how I can get back to linn.

Hope you have good weekend.

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