Hope you all are doing really well, and that you are staying more active than me at the moment. I have been sick with the flue for it feels like forever. My coughing starts, and then just never ends for several minutes on end. It is truly irritating..and of course it always starts when you least expect it or want it to. I was at the store yesterday waiting to pay, and there and then I had the biggest rant I have had in some days. So when I finally came up for air with the help of my fiancé I felt warm/cold at the same time plus I had a face as red as a lobster. I am not even lying people it was a horrible scene..:)

The truth is I have not been to the gym I a long time (first I was busy with a deadline on a paper for school, and then the flue), and by long time I mean LOOONG. It is not for the lack of at times I have tried. It is only due to the fact that I have not gotten the right motivation. That has always been my number one problem. Motivation, and sticking to a plan..a gym plan. Right this moment I have a weekly plan stuck to a planner in my kitchen, and even then it just sits there…to lazy that is what I am. The struggle is real people..the struggle is real. I have tried so many ways from my early teens to stay motivated, and on top of my game… gym wise. The thing is that I have lately started to notice a shift in my body, and seeing as I once was called tight..I do not think that is how I look anymore it is more like flabby when I look in the mirror.

And truth be told not staying in shape makes so many other problems show up. You tend to eat more of the wrong things (at least I do), your skin can get more blemished, your body skin sags more! I am not in this article saying that being really thin is the answer, or exercising every day for many hours because you get obsessed with looking #perfect is the answer to any form of happiness because lets face it..what is perfect? I have never figured that out for myself. I am simply trying to say that in order to like yourself, and stay truly happy you need some sort of #balance between working, school, and life. In that mix somewhere there should be some #metime  where you only focus on just that. Yourself..that is the only person you have to live with for the rest of your life so be sure you are your own best friend in every sense of the word! Now me time can be a different thing to different people, and so it can be everything from reading a good book, your number one Tv show, rock climbing/ or skiing it can also be going to the gym for several hours.

On another note it is only 228 days until I am getting married, and when that day comes I want to look as good as I possible can! I want to look fit, toned, and ultimately feel good from the inside, and out. We all know that feeling! That feeling of being so HAPPY about yourself that you have reached a goal, but at the same time being so proud that you finally got there after struggling for a while. That all you want is to relish in it for days to come!


So let me stress that this project is not a diet/lose yourself at the gym program it is simply a healthy lifestyle project with gym updates as a part of all that!

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