Fall is finally here with all its wonderful colours, and smells, and in Norway that means a shift in weather.

The fall season is upon us; Ever since my husband got me a new camera some months ago I have started taking more photos, and these are some of the photos I have published on Instagram over the last week. It really is so much fun taking pictures,  and I always wonder why I start, and stop these projects.


The picture over was taken from our walk on Monday before it got dark, and a bit chilly. We made some quick dinner after work, and was home three and a half hour later. I always tend to love it when we take a “hike” after work. Sitting in front of a computer all day makes your head a bit tired, and you tend to crave some fresh air. At least I do.

When we got home some candles where lit/music was played, and a cup of tea was drank. Some people tend to hate fall because that means winter is on its way. However my opinion is this. If you hate the seasons do not live in Norway. If it rains in the evening this time of year well then that just a bonus.

These pictures was taken by me on Monday

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