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Over this years easter break we went to Skåbu as many of you may already know this is where we feel the most relaxed. There is no internet, almost no phone service, no electricity and no indoor plumbing. In other words perfect, and just how we like it for unwinding, and getting closer to nature.

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Skåbu - Easter 2019
Easter break – 2019

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Our place is not to big, but perfect for two people staying for some weeks. Situated with a perfect view of Jotunheimen, and mountains for days on end. During easter break we could eat brekky outside with a coffee, and not feel cold. Although I always feel cold so had to bring a blanket :)We sat there for a couple of hours relaxing before we went for a hike either by foot or with skies.

Skåbu 2019 - Easter break

We both have a love for backcountry skiing, and have as a result bought skies with that in mind.
They are so easy, and light to use that after buying them backcountry skiing became a lot more interesting for me. My skies fly through snow in such a way that until today my skies have never gone down with tip first.Not one single time..

Skåbu - Easter 2019
Skåbu – Easter 2019

My old once crashed, and burned so hard that I almost ended up being a bit scared of riding them.They where just so demanding on the slope, and I never fully understood how to ride them as they where intended.

That is why my Dynastar will be with me forever, and I will love every minute of it. Here is to easter being as wonderful next year as it was this on.

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