In my editorial calendar this time refocused, and written entirely new.

I have chosen to focus on only a few topics rather than write about whatever topic pops into my head. As I have written before this is a project five years in the making, and this editorial calendar is the same. An ongoing project that have changed in so many ways through the months after my hop to Pipdig and WordPress. The editorial calendar have also been a huge torn in my backside. I know I must have one, but do not know how to make one that really works, and that I stick to over time. That is why some weeks ago through my e – mail I got sent a great example of a schedule I can use when planning content.

Like I always thought when having a content schedule/calendar it had to be a different topic for each day. And that it was primarily made so that your readers would find it easy to tag along, and know what content came what day of the week. It can be that as well, but it can be done differently to. According to some you can choose a topic for each month, and then only focus on creating content for that one topic/category. As I understand this makes it much easier to plan your content/posts. And you are totally transparent about what your  site is all about.

That means I can say for one month there will only be lifestyle posts on my blog, and then I will break it down into individual posts for each day.or a few times a week?So you would maybe get things like “what I eat in a day” or “favourite products of the day” (if I had that kind of site)..you understand.


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